THE ’Voice of Golf’ Peter Alliss and his wife Jackie launched this year’s Powered Wheelchair Crusade at Old Thorns Golf Hotel, by presenting a bespoke chair to seven-year-old Kory and his mum Cathy.

Peter said: “In the 10 years since we began the registered charity, we have donated 442 chairs, costing £1,491,344 – averaging 45 chairs per year. These chairs make a life-changing difference for both the youngsters and their families, allowing them new-found freedom and easy movement, something which we all take for granted.”

John Roper, president of the Alliss Masters golf charity, added: “It is wonderful to see how delighted the youngsters are when they receive their custom-made wheelchair.

“Often for the first time in their lives, they get recognised as an equal human being, which we accept as the norm.

“I have been involved with Peter since 1992 and can confirm that all costs are kept to a bare minimum, to make absolutely certain that the money raised goes to the charity.

“Peter has always insisted on paying for all his own expenses.”.

In his address to captains and charity fundraisers from a number of Hampshire and Surrey golf clubs, Peter revealed another way of participating in the annual Alliss Masters, which is due to take place at Old Thorns, near Liphook on September 26.

“Individual players can enter the competition at £250 each, which includes the presentation ceremony and gala dinner on the day, as well as the chance to win the event and receive the Alliss Masters green jacket or – if it is a lady – a green pashmina with the Alliss Masters logo,” he said.

A standard club package for the Masters includes three players for the tournament at a cost of £5,000, which represents the average price of a powered wheelchair.

To get involved, e-mail john@alliss-promotions.