THE FACE of Petersfield says he’s still nervous about leaving the house after being robbed in broad daylight.

But David Weeks has been touched by the support shown by his “marvellous neighbours and friends” following the shock incident in Chapel Street last Monday.

The 82-year-old was pushed over and robbed of his pension money while walking from The Square towards his house off Station Road around 2.20pm.

A witness appeal has been launched, while the police have vowed to use “all the tools at their disposal” to find the robber who pushed Mr Weeks to the ground.

Mr Weeks is arguably the face of Petersfield. The entertainer has dazzled and delighted the crowds at countless festivals, shows and events with his shiny suit for decades.

So when news spread last week that the much-loved personality was the victim of a callous robbery, a town rallied in support of the man known to many as “Mr Petersfield”.

Neighbours were quick to hold a collection to cover his lost funds, while cards, flowers and a bottle of Famous Grouse made their way over the doorstep.

Mr Weeks says he’s been “incredibly touched” by the support shown following his ordeal, but admits it will be a while before he can stride confidently through the town again like the local celebrity he is.

“My neighbours have been marvellous,” said Mr Weeks, who sustained minor cuts and bruises in the ordeal.

He added: “I still feel very, very nervous going out and I haven’t been out for the last week. I will, but I think I’ll be very careful going to the bank.”

The incident took place on Chapel Street around 2.20pm after Mr Weeks had withdrawn his pension money from a town centre bank.

He was using his walking frame to return home when he was pushed in the back by the robber, who stole the envelope containing the cash after a short tussle.

Staff at a nearby hairdressers came to his aid and raised the alarm with the police quick to launch a search and witness appeal.

They are using “all the tools at their disposal” to find the robber, described as a silm, white 5ft 10ins man who was wearing a blue anorak.

Witnesses or anyone who was in the area and recognises the description should call 101 quoting 44240041786 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.