This past weekend marked two years since Putin launched his illegal full-scale invasion of Ukraine. It was yet another grim reminder that the world and Europe are just not as secure as we thought. We can absolutely not take our safety for granted. 

Last week, the government announced more than 50 new sanctions targeted at those who support the illegal war, on top of the ones we announced in response to Navalny’s death. That means the total number of sanctions is just over 2,000. 

Moreover, Rishi Sunak last month went to Ukraine and announced another £2.5 billion military support package, which brings our total UK assistance to almost £12 billion. We were the first country to sign a bilateral security agreement with Ukraine, and since then Germany and France have done the same. 

And locally Surrey has played its important part in doing what we can. Cherry Gay and her team of brilliant volunteers have provided support for Ukrainian refugees in Godalming and hosted an event to mark the anniversary of the war over the weekend. The Creative Response gallery is also hosting an art exhibition to showcase photographs taken by Ukrainian women. 

Putin’s regime invaded another sovereign country, hoping that the free world would stand idly and weakly by. But that is not what has happened: the EU has agreed a €50 billion funding package, first announced in London last year, and it is important that the USA continues to be generous with its support.

This week, all NATO members completed their ratification processes for Sweden to join the alliance, meaning that it will become the 32nd member and make us all stronger and safer. 

We can never allow a country to act in the way that Russia has against Ukraine. Putin’s actions violate one of the most important aspects of our international system – sovereignty. Allowing him to do so simply puts other countries at risk of the same fate, which is unfortunately something our parents and grandparents witnessed in the 1930s in Europe and that we cannot let happen again. 

I know, like me, so many constituents are proud of what the United Kingdom has done to support Ukraine. We will absolutely continue to stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes.

Slava Ukraini.