Page 5 of the recent Farnham Herald (December 9) contained two interesting articles. The first, Nicolas Roach hosting the local Tories’ lavish £100-a-head fundraiser – or £150 a head to be seated with Jeremy Hunt. (Prepare yourself for the onslaught of all the Tory party leaflets this money can buy).

And atop this article was Nicolas Roach yet again! The generous Tory party donor, making yet another appearance in an article citing that his 11-bedroom country mansion plans were rejected by Waverley council due to considerable local opposition. 

He has the resources to offer sizeable donations to the Tory party and is a major donor, he also has the privilege of the Chancellor sitting at his table. I wonder how many of us have the resources to obtain the same privilege? 

He has lodged an appeal against the borough council’s decision. How this appeal will pan out is going to be interesting and how much will it cost taxpayers’ in lawyers’ fees to fight against the appeal?

In contrast the new Farnham and Bordon constituency Labour Party will be holding a quiz and curry night at a local football club to support the local team, raise money for a local charity and collect donations for a food bank. Tickets will be a more affordable £15 to £20.

Shirley Lewis

Vice chair, Farnham and Bordon Labour Party

The Avenue, Haslemere