Blue remains the colour in East Hampshire – but only just.

Damian Hinds has kept his place in parliament following a narrow triumph over his Liberal Democrat adversary Dominic Martin.

But the Conservative cast a slightly downbeat figure in making his acceptance speech amid the weight of a miserable night for his party.

“I am conscious there has been a seismic result in British politics,” said Mr Hinds after thanking the people of East Hampshire for their vote.

“We congratulate the new government and wish it well.

It’s important we have a strong opposition that holds it to account and I intend to play my full part in that as well.”

“It has been an incredibly difficult night for my party - I’ve lost a number of good colleagues and good friends.

“But it’s important we recognise the mistakes we’ve made. The things you have done wrong.

“It’s also very important for my party we take time. Time to consider and how to rebuild.”

Mr Hinds went on to thank his candidates for a taking part in a campaign “conducted with positivity and mutual respect” before paying special praise to the “incredibly talented” Martin for “an incredibly strong campaign”.

Both and his six candidates all thanked the democratic services team at East Hampshire District Council for their work throughout the night and in the run up to the election. The result was eventually called close to 5am in a long night for everyone involved.

Dominic thanked Mr Hinds for his kind words with the MP seemingly aware he was given “the ride of his life”.

“If I take one message from this evening’s results across the country, it’s that there’s a crying need for a kinder, more constructive, more collaborative type of politics.

“Too many people have lost faith in politicians and the political process.”