A PAIR of entrepreneurs are targeting glory in the games market after showing their cards to the public.

Andy Pennick and Elliot Mitchell have given themselves a shot at the big time with their Chupito card game.

The duo from Petersfield and Grayshott appealed for help from fans and investors online after drawing blanks with established games companies.

But the joke could soon be on them as the founders of Rocket Plate Games have nearly reached their £2,000 target on Kickstarter to reach the next level.

Chupito – the Spanish word for shot – already has a local fanbase as it was recently trialled at The Good Intent. The current version is the 13th incarnation as it’s gone through an “extensive play-test process” over the years.

Chupito is billed as “the original six-shooter challenge game” where players have to draw cards, challenge friends and try not to get shot. It takes less than a minute to learn and the victor is the player with the least bullet holes.

“It originally started off as a drinking game borne out of frustration with games that we know,” said Andy, who can see the game sitting on a shelf in Waterstones.

“Card games were a bit of a counter-culture thing, and were seen as perhaps a bit geeky. But they’re now becoming more mainstream and a Friday night around the table playing board games is just as much fun as going out clubbing.”

He added: “You go around the table and the other players decide what they want to wager. There’s a bit of poker and Ring of Fire in there. It’s a simple concept.”

Some 51 backers have pledged £1,750 at the time of writing, with the campaign finishing on August 31. The finished article will have a recommended retail price of £22.99 and will contain 245 cards, which will be cardboard along with the box and insert.

Pledges can be made by searching for Rocket Plate Games on www.kickstarter.com