Petersfield-based theatre group Lion and Unicorn is back on tour with an adaptation of five of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

Director Kat Wootton said: “Basically, the premise is that four alchemists and a ragtag bunch of actors aim to revive the ‘half-dead, half-alive 14th-century poet’ with a performance of some of his best-loved stories. 

“This is an adaptation from the original by Martin Riley and it includes The Pardoner’s Tale, The Nun’s Priest’s Tale, The Wife of Bath’s Tale, The Knight’s Tale and The Miller’s Tale.

“Expect ridiculous props, singing chickens, bare bums, audience participation, kazoos and lots of laughter. It’s loud, it’s rude and it’s lewd. You’ll love it!

“And don’t worry – it’s not performed in Middle English. 

“It’s a bit like panto on tour!”

The production stars some people whose names are familiar to those in the Petersfield area: Joff Lacey, Jack May, Jo Stephenson, Beryl Savill, Zoe Maddison, David Roberts, Mary Carmichael, Norman Stewart, Miri Bradder, Kat Wootton and Martin Hogg, with live music by Ali Hill.

The Canterbury Tales will be touring locally from June 12 to 17: 

Monday, June 12 at Liss village hall; 

Tuesday, June 13 at West Meon village hall; 

Wednesday, June 14 at the lovely new Henry Warren Hall in Nyewood; 

Thursday, June 15 at Petersfield Museum; and finishing on

Friday and Saturday, June 16 and 17, at Butser Ancient Farm in the Great Roundhouse. 

All performances start at 7.30pm and tickets are £12 (£15 at Butser Ancient Farm) from or from One Tree Books in Lavant Street, Petersfield.

See to find out more about the group, which has toured several plays in the past, including Boudicca at Verulamium, Beowulf, Lilies on the Land and Tess of the d’Urbervilles.