A row of 400-year-old almshouses in Castle Street, Farnham, had another lucky escape this week after an apparent hit-and-run driver clobbered a Grade II-listed lamppost on the corner of Park Row.

The damage was reported early on Monday morning, and left the late-19th century lamppost hanging precipitously close to the Andrew Windsor Almshouses – themselves the victim of several HGV strikes in recent years.

No witnesses have yet come forward, but the adjacent Nelson pub is believed to be checking its CCTV footage. Surrey County Council officials have inspected the damage.

The Andrew Windsor Almshouses were founded in 1619 by Sir William More, a wealthy merchant and Member of Parliament, to provide housing for the poor and elderly of the town.

The almshouses are named after Sir William's son-in-law, Andrew Windsor, who was involved in the management of the charity after Sir William's death.

Originally, the almshouses consisted of six dwellings, but they were expanded over time to include additional buildings and a chapel.

The buildings are Grade II listed and remain an important historical landmark in Farnham. They are owned and maintained by the Andrew Windsor Almshouses Trust, which was established in 1952 to preserve the buildings and provide support to residents in need.