People in Bentworth are up in arms about plans to build bungalows, roads and landscaping amid fears over road safety, a lack of facilities and the impact on the character of the area. 

East Hampshire District Council has received a proposal from Briarsgate Homes to house over-55s in six bungalows on agricultural land south of Glebe Fields in Station Road.

Plans are for three two-bedroom and three three-bedroom homes with single garages, access roads, footpaths and landscaping. There were 64 objectors and one supporter, with common objections including fears the rural setting will be changed by this “retirement development”.

Fears over extra cars on roads, walkers’ safety on footpaths, a lack of facilities in the village, the bungalows “urbanising” the area, there being no mains sewer and the development not fitting in with the conservation and heritage area were also mentioned.

One objector said: “If this is a retirement development it would be better suited to nearby Alton or other local suburbs where there are medical, shopping and public transport facilities.”

Another comment said: “Bentworth needs to attract or retain young people and needs lower cost properties for young people.”

Hampshire County Council highways officer Ken Dudley said issues included bin lorry access if cars parked on the access road.

In a holding objection, he said: “It cannot be shown that the development can be accommodated in a manner that would not cause increased danger and inconvenience to highway users.”

County council ecologist Rebecca Harvey called for reptile and dormouse habitats, with bat and bird boxes recommended.