There are not many toilets that have been so bogged down with complaints and delays – but a year after they were supposed to open, the controversial toilets at Lion Green have opened their doors.

These toilets have been a thorn in the side for the residents of Shottermill and for the town council who wanted to provide a much-needed facility to the community.

The site is often used for events like Oktoberfest and fairgrounds, and with no public toilets people have been reported to use the nearby pub, or even the bushes. 

The projected total cost of the work is £140,000 and residents and councillors expected the toilets to be completed in March 2023.

But a series of issues, including the concrete foundation being laid in the wrong place, have led to a year-long delay.

Lion Green lido
The Lion Green loos were dubbed the ‘Shottermill Lido’ after a foundation trench was dug in the wrong place and quickly filled with rain water – but the Conservatives unfairly copped the blame, instead of the Lib Dem-run town council (Photo supplied)

The Lion Green loos have attracted many complaints, mostly around their appearance and location, with the site even being labelled ‘Haslemere’s Lido’ on Google Maps after the wrongly-dug foundation hole filled with water.

The ‘lido’ attracted many reviews on Google but has since been taken down.

But the town council is hopeful the newly-opened toilets will become a valued amenity to the town.

They are open daily from 8am to 6pm. There is still some landscaping work to be done, and the council said this will happen once the grass seed has taken and the site has had a chance to dry out some more.

The council said: “We would like to thank residents for their patience whilst the work to complete the installation has taken place.

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“The reason for providing this facility was always to enhance users' visits to the green, when using the playground or attending events, and we are glad that it is complete just in time for spring.”

The long-awaited opening was greeted with a mixture of sweet relief and a good dump of toilet humour too on social media.

Sophie Waite called for “a toilet opening event” to celebrate the new Lion Green loos, while the Haslemere Fringe Festival organisers even offered to run a bar at the event!

They were heralded as “a great facility for all young and old” by Debbie Gale, to which Rich Lucas added “unless you need a wee after 6pm”.

Many others also raised concern at the “nonsensical” opening times and called for a new “paint job”.