These ‘then’ and ‘now’ photos of Bentley station were taken by Tom Webster, and kick off a new series of photos Tom took during the pandemic.

Tom said: “Back in 2020 during the lockdowns my mental health took a knock so I bought myself an ex-Royal Mail post bike and I explored the local area. 

“My other passion is railways I have an old Branchlines to Longmoor book and I decided to try to find what’s left of the Bordon light railway and the Longmoor Military Railway. 

Bentley station as it appears today
Bentley station as it appears today (Tom Webster)

“With all the new building work going on in Bordon, I wanted to find it before it was too late.

“For me we should remember where we’ve come from to help us to know where we’re going. Not a lot of the railways, or indeed Bordon’s heritage is left.”

The first ‘then’ photo shows an undated photo of Bentley station when there was seemingly a third platform in operation, one assumes when the Bordon Light Railway was still in operation. Can any readers tell us more? Email [email protected]