Passfield power plant plan ‘poor’ says parish

By Farnham Herald in Planning

THREE recent planning applications in Passfield have been rejected by Bramshott and Liphook Parish Council.

The construction and operation of a power generation plant and ancillary equipment on vacant land at the former Old Sewage Disposal Works, IN Passfield Road, received no support from local residents or members of the planning committee, who strongly objected.

The parish council stated there was no information regarding noise and fumes pollution, no transport survey and information about accessibility to the site, which is located in extremely close proximity to nearby residents, some 100 yards away from one house.

The site is also within the area covered by the River Wey Conservation Trust, which has not been consulted

Access is via a narrow dirt track and over an ancient hump bridge which is totally unsuitable for HGV lorries.

Councillors claimed the width of the containers alone was wider than some parts of the dirt track and raised concerns protected trees would have to be felled.

The application proposes generation of electricity through gas-fired electricity generation sets, a transformer, transformer bund, oil storage tanks, gas kiosk and metering.

Concerns have also been raised by Headley Parish Council and Thames Water, which previously owned the land, which still contains live assets, and who are concerned that during the construction of the development their access could potentially become blocked.

Hampshire County Council officers stated it was important to ensure the long-term maintenance and responsibility for sustainable drainage dystems was agreed between the local planning authority and the applicant before planning permission was granted

They also raised concerns over conservation issues.

A retrospective application by Plastic Ventilation Fittings, at Passfield Mill Business Park, for a three-year temporary permission to retain a low-level single storey marquee structure at the back of the permanent industrial unit was considered by the parish council’s planning committee together with a second application by the same company.

Councillors discovered the company only has permission for B1 light industry on this site – and not B2 as is currently undertaken – and that an application for re-designation of the site needed to be obtained.

They also found that the marquee is not ‘low-level’ at 4.8metres but highly visible and stated that under the lawful development certificate proof needed to be seen the container had been there for a period of 10 years and occupying exactly the same footprint.

Since the applicant manufactures hazardous substances and the storage unit is right up against the boundary of the River Wey, councillors felt it needed to be checked by the River Wey Conservation Trust.

The council, once satisfied with answers to its queries, would only support the structure of the marquee on condition the containers are removed.

The applications will be decided by East Hampshire District Council’s planning committee in due course.

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